Networking Forums Provide Dedicated Spaces for Connection and Career Building

The ATS International Conference offers a rare opportunity for respiratory health professionals to collaborate, learn, and connect with new and old colleagues. The ATS Networking Super Center and the ATS Center are the collaborative hubs of the 2024 International Conference, offering several spaces for attendees to network or strengthen their connections with other ATS members.

M. Patricia Rivera, MD, ATSF

From Sunday, May 19 to Wednesday, May 22, the ATS Networking Super Center will be open from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. PT in the Sails Pavillion of the San Diego Convention Center.

“Networking is an essential piece of the ATS International Conference experience for our attendees,” said ATS President M. Patricia Rivera, MD, ATSF. “The Networking Super Center is a welcoming and relaxing environment designed to spark or build connections you might not make anywhere else.”

Inside the Networking Super Center will be a center for career development, a dedicated networking and career growth space for early career professionals, including graduate students, medical students, residents, fellows, post-docs, and other allied professionals. The Learning Studio will feature studio talks to enhance the professional development of all early career professionals and connect them with experts across their desired specialties.

The Networking Super Center will also offer segmented studio talks that cover different resources based on the needs of clinicians and interprofessional specialists. This space will feature live informational panel discussions presented daily by leading experts in the pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine fields. Further session details will be made available before the conference. 

The Networking Super Center additionally features a networking and career-building space for basic and translational scientists to connect and learn more about emerging technologies that could affect their research approaches. Hosted studio talks will also touch on impactful career considerations, such as the core principles of networking, career assistance, education, and social opportunities.

In addition to the studio spaces for educational events, the Networking Super Center will also offer a lounge for participants to continue conversations with other participants, grab a bite, or take a rest between sessions in San Diego.

The ATS Center is another attraction at the International Conference for attendees to take advantage of on-site. Visit the ATS Center to ask questions or participate in an Ask-Me-Anything session to learn how to make the most of your ATS membership, at the conference and year-round. Certificates of Attendance will also be available, as well as a selfie wall to commemorate the experience. The ATS Center is also an ideal place to chat with colleagues or use one of the dedicated spaces to charge your devices.

Finally, the International Participants Center is a dedicated space for conference attendees with global health interests. The area will also highlight the ATS’s efforts in global health initiatives. The IPC acknowledges and enhances the interconnectedness of respiratory medicine by gathering distinguished professionals to connect on the issues that affect everyone. Studio talks will feature diverse perspectives on how to tackle common problems across the globe.