Cellular and Molecular Biology Lineup at ATS 2024

The ATS 2024 International Conference offers a robust scientific program highlighting cutting-edge advancements in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. This includes several Postgraduate Courses, Scientific Symposia, and Meet the Expert Sessions addressing new developments and considerations in bronchiectasis and COPD, as listed below. A curated list of clinical and scientific sessions related to these topics is also available on the conference website. For more information on these and other sessions to be presented May 17–22 in San Diego, visit the online Advance Program.

  • A5. Multi-Omic and Single Cell Approaches for Elucidating Cellular Biology and Pathobiology of Lung Disease
  • A11. Leveraging Multi-Omics to Advance Precision Medicine in Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
  • A85. From Mechanism to Prediction: Application of Metabolomics Across the Pulmonary/Critical Care Spectrum
  • A89. Mechanical Forces in Lung Disease
  • B2. Bring Your Best Biomarker: Molecular Success Stories in Chronic Lung Disease
  • B5. COPD as an Endothelial Disorder: Endothelial Injury Linking Lesions in the Lungs and Other Organs
  • B9. 50 Years of Dysanapsis: What We Have Learned and Where we are Going
  • B85. Lung Harmony: Unravelling the Synergy Between Macrophages and Alveolar Epithelial Cells in Disease
  • C5. What’s Fat Got to Do with It? New Evidence for the Influence of Obesity on Chronic Airways Disease
  • D9. Linking Novel Multi-Omics with Machine Learning to Unlock Lung Pathophysiology
  • D85. One to Rule Them All? Immune Cells Control Stem Cell Capacity in the Lung


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