Join Vyaire in the Exhibit Hall (booth #1737) at the ATS 2024 International Conference as we celebrate our 70-years of dedication to PFT and CPET!

We welcome you to experience the Vyntus™ family of devices! As you stop by our booth, please make sure to ask about our latest SentrySuite™ 3.30 software version, engage in live demonstrations, and prove to yourself how Vyntus™ can make all the difference!

New in SentrySuite™ 3.30 software: GLI Global Race Neutral Predicteds, the latest ERS/ATS Interpretation Standards, updates to the Lung Volume Standards, new support tools for Mannitol and EIB testing, live tabular data during CPET, enhanced cyber security, Windows 11 Support, and more.

Learn how our Resistance-Volume graphic, exclusive to SentrySuite™ software illustrates and differentiates the contribution of airways resistance and lung volume during normal breathing and how one influences the other.

See how ArtiQ.PFT Interpretation Support, embedded into SentrySuite™ 3.30 software and aligned to the latest ERS/ATS standards, can help your laboratory workflow efficiency and consistency.

Instrument precision is important! View live demonstrations on how to enact a BioQC program and interrogate your PFT and CPET instruments to ensure data accuracy. Daily demonstration times will be during unopposed exhibit hall times of 1:30pm -2:15pm.

Access your data for clinical research! Come try our SentrySuite™ Data Cube application!

Ask about our upcoming educational webinar schedule with an easy registration link. In addition, QR codes to our past successful webinars and education library are also available.

Last but not least, come celebrate our 70 years of excellence and dedication to respiratory diagnostics! Visit images from the past (unforgettable body box designs, CPET devices and spirometers) on our history wall see how many you may recognize. At Vyaire, we have a rich history of innovation. As we look ahead, we remain steadfast in our dedication to innovation and commitment to excellence. With a legacy of thinking forward, we will continue to push the boundaries and set new benchmarks in respiratory diagnostics.