Looking Ahead to Monday at the International Conference

The ATS 2022 International Conference offers myriad opportunities to connect with and learn from industry leaders, mentors, peers, ATS staff, experts in a variety of respiratory health specialties, and related organizations. Here’s what conference participants can expect Monday, May 16, from the Exhibit Hall, the Mentoring Meeting Spot, the ATS Center, Meet the Experts sessions, and Outside Organization sessions.

Exhibit Hall

Open 10:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. PT daily through Tuesday, May 17, the Exhibit Hall is a place for attendees to learn about new scientific innovations while engaging with more than 200 exhibitors and one another through Industry Theaters, Guru Bars, and more. Unopposed Exhibit Hall time is scheduled for 1:15-2:15 p.m. PT.

Look for Featured Industry Programs listings on the ATS Conference News website.

Mentoring Meeting Spot

The Mentoring Meeting Spot, open 7 a.m.-7 p.m. PT on Monday, is a place designated exclusively for mentees to connect in person with mentors. Located in Overlook 3018 on Level 3 of Moscone Center West, the space will feature small, round tables for meeting, as well as light snacks and refreshments.

ATS Center

The ATS Center, open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. PT on Monday, features live programming throughout the International Conference, as well as information on how to stay connected with the Society all year. Featured activities include Ask Me Anything opportunities with key ATS staff, lively discussions with prominent ATS members, and more. Located in the South Lobby of the Moscone Center, the ATS Center also acts as the #ATS2022 social media hub, with selfie stations and information about social media surprises during the conference.

Meet the Experts

All Meet the Experts sessions take place in the Moscone Center. For full descriptions of sessions, visit the online itinerary.

7-8 a.m. PT

  • ME15. Patient-Centered Care for ILD: Establishing Core Components and Overcoming Challenges in Practice, Room 52/54/56 (South Building, Lower Mezzanine)
  • ME16. Biologics for Severe Asthma in Children: How to Choose Your Targeted Therapy, Room 58/60 (South Building, Lower Mezzanine)
  • ME17. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Managing Non-Organ Related Manifestation of Sarcoidosis, Room 70/72 (South Building, Lower Mezzanine)
  • ME18. New Diagnostics and Therapeutic Interventions in Latent, Incipient, and Subclinical TB Infections, Room 74/76 (South Building, Lower Mezzanine)

10:45-11:45 a.m. PT

  • ME19. Guardians of Space: Leveraging Psychological Safety for Learner Success, Room 50/62 (South Building, Lower Mezzanine)
  • ME20. Tolerating Uncertainty: Changing the Mindset of Doctors and Patients, Room 52/54/56 (South Building, Lower Mezzanine)
  • ME21. Engaging Professionals on the Role of Early Palliative Care in Patients with Interstitial Lung Disease and Their Caregivers, Room 58/60 (South Building, Lower Mezzanine)
  • ME22. Adapting Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Adults with Severe Asthma, Room 70/72 (South Building, Lower Mezzanine)
  • ME23. COMISA: How to Diagnose and Treat Insomnia Comorbid with Sleep Apnea, Room 74/76 (South Building, Lower Mezzanine)

12:15-1:15 p.m. PT

  • ME24. Hyperinflammatory and Immunosuppressive Subphenotypes in Critical Illness: Two Sides of the Same Coin?, Room 50/62 (South Building, Lower Mezzanine)
  • ME25. Neurologic Disasters in the ICU, Room 52/54/56 (South Building, Lower Mezzanine)
  • ME26. Fine Particles in Our Air: Their Toxicity and Role in Virus Transmission, Room 58/60 (South Building, Lower Mezzanine)
  • ME27. Opioid Disorder, Sleep Deficiency, Ventilatory Control and Treatment Implications, Room 70/72 (South Building, Lower Mezzanine)
  • ME28. How Do I Teach EBUS TBNA Bronchoscopy?, Room 74/76 (South Building, Lower Mezzanine)

Outside Organization Sessions

All Outside Organization sessions take place in the Moscone Center. For full descriptions of sessions, visit the online itinerary.

12-1 p.m. PT

  • L11. Asthma, Legionnaires’ Disease, and Other Respiratory Diseases in the Context of Environmental Justice, Health Equity and Climate Health, Room 3014 (West Building, Level 3)
  • L12. Lung Precision Oncology Program in VA: Risk Prediction Models and Biomarkers for Screening, Room 2006/2008 (West Building, Level 2)
  • L13. Opportunities for Research Funding, Room 2010/2012 (West Building, Level 2)
  • L14. SARS-CoV-2 and ATOPY: Results from NIAID-Sponsored Studies, Room 2001/2003 (West Building, Level 2)
  • L15. Update on American Lung Association Airways Clinical Research Centers Network’s Studies, Room 2014/2016 (West Building, Level 2)
  • L16. NHLBI Prevention and Early Treatment of Acute Lung Injury (PETAL) Network, Room 3005/3007 (West Building, Level 3)
  • L17. Updates from the COPDGENE Study, Room 3006/3008 (West Building, Level 3)
  • L18. Asthma Empowerment Collaborations to Reduce Childhood Asthma Disparities: Baseline Data for Three Communities, Room 3010/3012 (West Building, Level 3)
  • L23.Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO): Insights into the Origin of Airway Diseases, Room 2001/2003 (West Building, Level 2)

Don’t Miss On-Demand Highlights

Unable to attend every session of interest at the ATS 2023 International Conference? Or couldn’t join us in Washington, DC? Access some of the conference’s best content through the ATS 2023 On-Demand Highlights platform, available this summer. It will include more than 100 scientific and clinical symposia, including Keynote sessions, Clinical Year in Review, and Adult and Pediatric Core Curriculum.