Allergy & Immunology Lineup at ATS 2023

The ATS 2023 International Conference offers a robust scientific program highlighting the cutting-edge advancements in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. This includes several sessions addressing new developments and considerations in allergy and immunology, as listed below. A curated list of clinical and scientific sessions related to these topics also is available on the conference website. For more information on these and other sessions to be presented May 19–24 in Washington, DC, visit the online Program Itinerary.

  • A5. Quantification of Environmental Exposures Using State-of-the-Art Methods
  • A10. Asthma Hot Topic 2023: Which ICS Plus Bronchodilator Reliever for Which Patient?
  • A12. Publication to Empowerment — Transitioning Science into Environmental Justice Advocacy
  • A88. Neuro-Immune Interactions in Lung Development and Disease
  • A90. Myths or Truths: Controversies in Respiratory Medicine, the New Frontier
  • B1. Clinical Year in Review 2
  • B4. Fail Smarter and Learn Faster: Moving Beyond Bystander Training to Organizational Strategies to Reinforce the DEI Pipeline in Pulmonary and Critical Care
  • B5. Back to Basics: Harnessing the Power of Mouse Models to Understand Human Sepsis
  • CC2. Critical Care Clinical Core Curriculum
  • B85. Processing the Environment: Lung Lymphatics and Follicles in Disease
  • B92. Innovative Approaches to Personalized Severe Asthma Management
  • C1. Clinical Year in Review 3
  • C6. Disparities in Respiratory Genomics Research: Strategies to Advance Science And Clinical Care
  • C12. Immunology in Context: Mechanisms and Biomarkers that Determine Viral Disease Severity
  • C90. Double Trouble: Air Pollutants and Tuberculosis
  • D6. Obesity-Related Asthma: Mechanistic Studies Begin to Inform Therapeutics
  • CC5. Pulmonary Clinical Core Curriculum
  • D85. Early Life Environmental Exposures, Epigenetics, And Asthma Development
  • D86. Humans, Animals, the Environment: Why Is the One Health Approach Needed for Emerging Health Issues?
  • CC6. Pulmonary Clinical Core Curriculum


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